During my time at Stellar London, we worked with Universal to promote their new release, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The team launched a campaign that transported fans to the legendary place where all dragons are from. To make their experience shareable, each user’s flight was captured in bespoke content starring them leading the dragon army in victory against Grimmel the grisly.
The activation itself is a full 4D, 360 degree sensory experience. A light show, soundscape, wind machines and projectors create the sensation of flying into the Hidden World. But at the same time we captured real user reactions to render into a high quality personalised trailer of their adventure.
I designed the user interface for the apps experience controls, which allowed users to personalise soundscapes, input details and monitor the progress of the experience itself. The interface was used to help with the set up and running of the user journey and allowed for an easy way to have users engage with and share the content they created. 

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