For this brief, Stellar tasked me to create several social media assets for their online presence and branding. When approaching this brief, I wanted to use Stellar’s Logomark in a fresh and exciting way, so that it would be eye-catching and instantly recognisable. These colourful and dynamic assets could then be used easily on social channels, to celebrate specific events and build a feed that has a clear visual language and style.
I created typographic and image-based designs to celebrate sporting events such as the Super Bowl, and "Friday Feeling" posts to be shared to celebrate the weekend.
Stellar's dynamic logo could be used in many fun and creative ways, these posts relate to National Donut Day, Pancake day and Easter Sunday. I created the imagery in Photoshop and scheduled posts so they worked together in a grid using the Later app.
Being a creative and entertainment first agency, Stellar wanted to create posts about current events in film, music and TV. I did this through manipulating found imagery with existing colour palettes and creating simple but effective marketing materials.
For the Agency’s ‘Year In Review’ post, I used my existing skills in Digital Collage to create a post that encapsulated the company’s most high profile projects and biggest clients. This was a great way to give a depiction of Stellar’s creative clients, and design something beautiful that would drive traffic to the brands social channels.

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